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** This review DOES contain spoilers **


Today should be photo friday, but after a long, busy week, I thought I should publish this long overdue review. Learn love in a week by Andrew Clover. This is what the back cover says:

After ten years of marriage, Polly and Arthur are at crisis point.

Polly: “Arthur is the IKEA wardrobe of husbands. He looks good in the pictures, but if you ask him to hold anything, his back pops out.”

Arthur: “I have the libido of the Giant Panda. I know what sex leads to. It leads to small person who likes to post toast in the DVD player.”

Can they learn to love again? And if they can, will they still choose each other?

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it. After about 10 pages, I was sure I was going to hate it. Hate it with passion. The fact that it was written in different points of view – does anyone write a straight-forward, simple, single angle book anymore? The jokes. I wasn’t sure I could take it. But then something happened. Something odd. I started to enjoy it! The jokes made me laugh. The storyline made me want to know what happens next. It’s light, it’s humorous. But forget about Polly and Arthur. Will they find love again? Of course they will. With each other? What do you think!? The real star in this book is Malcolm. All I wanted to know was: What’s going to happen to Malcolm? And, in that respect, the book didn’t disappoint me. It is all a bit obvious, yet charming – so I allow myself to love this book. Don’t judge me. :)

Learn love in a week is available in paperback, hardback, Kindle and audio format.

** This book was sent to me to be reviewed by Random House. The opinion about it is entirely my own. **

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