Lily is 4!

I might have mentioned before that the reason I hadn’t written much (or published book reviews for a bit) was the fact that my daughter’s birthday was fast approaching and I was getting things organised. I was under the illusion that, being in June, I would be granted with a day like the day she was born – hot and bright and a lovely day to have a picnic in the park. So I invited her little friends to the park and made all this – only to end up having the party in my lounge, as it rained. A lot. But it didn’t stop us having lots of fun.


This is my desk. Not quite the picnic hotspot I had in mind. But it served us well. A bit too small, but not too bad.



The baskets were the hardest bit. I couldn’t find one that had a handle and was small enough for little ones. I ended up finding these and tying a ribbon to serve as a handle.


Cupcakes in a jar were found on Pinterest. I love the idea and everyone obviously love them too, as there were only 3 left (they were not hidden but in a different room for some reason, I found them after everyone had left). I am yet to try one but everyone keeps telling me they were wonderful.




Lily’s favourite drink!




The party bags: I could write an essay about party bags. I very much dislike the plastic things we normally get in a party bag. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort that goes into making a party, getting everything together and my daughter always loves whatever comes inside them, but when it’s my turn to make them, I feel like I’m wasting my money on things people will throw in the bin at the first chance they have. So this year’s favours of choice were sunflower pots, windmills and trowels, because Lily seems to be really into gardening, so I’m assuming every other 3-4 year old will be too. Everyone commented that they were so original (even though I’m sure it’s been done before) and different, so I’m happy. :) And they cost under £3 per bag, so not too bad for something that will last (at least a bit) longer.

Thank all our friends for the wonderful day! Lily loved her party so much she didn’t want people to leave. (And a special thank you to my husband, Mr Welshman, for putting up with me in the kitchen with a paper cutter for a couple of weeks. You’re a star! ❤❤ )

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